Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reinventing Myself

I just read Margo's latest blog and was touched and a little struck by what I heard, because I too am, I guess, reinventing ministry, at least for our organization.

In more ways than one, I am reinventing how I do business. I am uprooting myself and taking to the road in search of the elusive "Cultural Creative." Definition of "Cultural Creative" is someone who is Spiritual, but not religious. That includes me. I know there are literally millions of us out there. I see Margo's situation as the perfect example of an outreach.

We already have ministers doing this in Europe. They teach the philosophy like Ernest Holmes wanted in the first place, but the majority of people in Europe are turned off to religion.

Can you blame them. Most of the wars in the last 3,000 years have been fought over differences in gods, and who's concepts were right. The old "my god's better than your god offense! Still no concept that there is only One, and that All Paths lead to God, the One God, the same God, the only God. Don't even try to tell them that It's not outside us, but within! In order to beleive that, they may have to read their own scriptures. It takes the power away from the clerics of all religions and puts it back in our corner. Of course, with the power comes responsibility.

That is and can be fodder for another post. With these thought, I will leave us all to chew on the meat for a while, or for the vegans, the tofu!

Peace in me is the same peace in you. Dive in, still your thoughts, accept your magnificence. You are God in expression. We all are.

In Love,