Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spirit Goes Ahead

Whenever you leave one place to go to another place, . pause for a second to
realize the presence has gone before you to prepare the way, and that the
same divine Presence remains behind you as a benediction to all who pass
that way.
~Joel Goldsmith, The Infinite Way, pg 97, para., 3

Spirit moves me ahead as I am willing to move.

Affirmative Prayer:
I give pause to Spirit, everywhere present, everywhere the Presence in my
life. Before me, beside me beyond me, I find myself within Its embrace
always. I am bathed in the love of God in every moment. Immersed and
connected, I allow It to be my guide, the perfect conductor of my life, It
directs my every action. I move ever forward, allowing, ever allowing my
good to unfold. I open to every avenue, every way It lays before and trust.
As I go with the flow, it blesses that which has been and beckons me come
ever further into Its expression of life as me. I gratefully accept my good
in every way and in every day, and realize my blessings always. As I pause
in my gratitude, I am filled with the all guiding good which redirects me to
ever greater unfoldings of perfect love for me and the world of my
perception. And I just allow it to be.
And so it is.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I am a blessing to me!


According to traditional theology, we were all created in the image and
likeness of our Creator. Well then, shouldn't we act accordingly?"
~Tami Coyne and Karen Weisman

Affirmative Prayer::

There is only One. It exists in, as and through each one of us. Because It
is everywhere present and because It is always present, It manifests my
every thought. What do I choose today to be my experience? I choose good. I
choose my highest and best idea of me. I choose that which is an experience
of the Divine in me. I am the microcosm of the macrocosm. I am different
only by degree, like drop unto the ocean, the same yet individualized. As
this I am always sufficient in all things. In health, in success, in
prosperity, and in relationships with others. All I need and can accept at
my present level of acceptance and understanding is now provided. I am
blessed and I am a blessing. I am exceedingly grateful for the life I am. I
thank that spark within for all I have and for all I am in this present
moment and I accept the experience of the Divine in me. And so it is done.
And so it is.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I say thank you Spirit in every moment

Today's Quote:

"Does God need our praise? No. God is whole and complete already. Do we need
to praise? Yes! In praise, we find our oneness with God. When we lift up our
hearts in praise, we raise our vision to the highest heights of soul
expression, where every answer stands out in crystal clarity."
~Greg Barrette

My Affirmation:

I lift up my heart and my spirit to God in praise.

Today's Meditation:

As I know Spirit doesn't need my praise to be made greater or more complete,
I also know that Spirit is already whole and complete within me, as in every
soul and creation that It has ever made.
I open my heart in praise to God, not because Spirit needs it, but because I
In so doing, I raise my vibratory rate, aligning and attuning myself to
Spirit's vibration and energy.
Thank You, Spirit for this healing, life-giving power that is within me.
As I trust totally and I love utterly, I open to my greater growth as a
spiritual being, in this moment, and always.

and so it is.