Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Self and being...

In an age where there is much talk about "being yourself," I reserve to
myself the right to forget about being myself, since in any case there is
very little chance of my being anybody else.

~Thomas Merton, "Day of a Stranger," Thomas Merton Reader, p. 431

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spirit in my experience

To say I always recognize my connection to that life force which has brought me into this experience of myself in human form would be a lie, or, at the very least, a miss statement. I am after all human and subject to the miss thoughts, foibles and distractions that everyone else is.

I wish I was more conscious than I am, but in the overall life experience, I feel I am more conscious than I was. Whatever that means. I am more aware of the things I do that make my life better and help those around me. I am also painfully aware sometimes of the things I do that make my life less than a joy. I still wonder sometimes why I am not more conscious about those things I do which affect those around me or myself before I do them.

It is those times I need to work on. How can I move more deliberately, more mindfully, and more lovingly, more often? I talk about attention and intention all the time. In order to be a greater positive influence in the lives of others, I need to put greater attention on my intention towards myself and how I see myself. As I feel this greater conscious choice to see myself as a more compassionate, more caring, and more loving person, this intention will project itself in my outer experience.

Funny how that works. I wish it didn't happen in baby steps, that it could happen in one fell swoop. Maybe it can. Maybe it will. I guess it just depends on me and my intention for me.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I am a Mirror!

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, says,
"Life is a mirror of your consistent thoughts."
And he is so right.
So, remember if you wish to see yourself, your life and the world in a
different light, you must see yourself and all those around you in a new

Peace and Light,