Friday, May 21, 2010

I die and am reborn.


Truth is a uniquely challenging pursuit because the very thing that wants it is the only thing in the way of it.
~ Jed McKenna, Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing

Affirmative Prayer::

I Am, Source, is All there is. I am one with my source, and All there is. Ego forms the illusion I call me. I choose in this moment to release me from my illusory self, to die to the idea that everyone, including me, thought I was, and be open to the greater idea of my god-self.
I release anything and everything which identifies in my life with fear that I might step into that place spiritually, mentally physically, and knowingly, where all miracles are commonplace events and my life is forever in the flow. I choose this place of being that allows me to entertain and be entertained by life every moment of every day. This is my life. Where work is joy, and play is joyous and I see no difference between the two.
There is only one life, It is mine to choose, I choose it well, I choose it easily, and it serves me as I serve yet.
No Divide, No separation Thank you God!
And so it is!