Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11-11 Remembering and moving forward

Join me in knowing that as we leave this day of remembrance, we move forward
into a new idea, birthed in God, Spirit or whatever you want to call our
divine source. We are propelled by our thoughts to think of this world in
new ways in every moment.

Know with me that these thoughts are good thoughts, worthy thoughts,
thoughts of peace, of love, of joy.

And know with me that these conscious thoughts become the norm in our lives,
and in our actions and as we go forward day by day We move into a new
paradigm of a new world based in love, in compassion, and in the maxim that
we are, each of us, our brothers keeper. And in gratitude we are each given
a new life

This is the truth right now.

and so it is!