Friday, December 31, 2010

Yesterday's Gone

Don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow, it'll soon be here better than before.
Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone.
~ Fleetwood Mac

I know this. That there is only this now moment, moving, ever moving. We call it life. We call it Love. We call it whatever It means to us, but it is divine sprit moving in, through, and as us, moving us ever forward into a
greater expression of who and what we are. I choose to move, to dance, to be all that I can be. I surrender to the greater idea which desires to birth itself in me. I choose to dream, to vision, to envision a greater world
which as each tomorrow becomes today, I say "Yes, this is my world," and "Yes, this is what I see." I surrender to its unfolding in perfect ways, knowing I don't need to know how, or why, but just that it is and it does
out-picture in exactly the way it needs to be, and that all that comes from this realization leads us from where we were in the last moment to where we are right now.

And knowing that it's all good, I know that whatever form this good takes, it is the perfect form in this moment, that life is ever-changing and will be transformed again tomorrow better than before, always, better than before. I know this life is for living and as I live it It lives in me in miraculous, joyous and loving ways.

As I allow this to be, and I am One with it, It is One with me, and my life unfolds in God. I can be no other way. Yesterday's gone and I am blessed.
And so it is.

Rev. Jim Starke, Focus Minister
Spirit on the Road

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What is gratitude?

It is the response we have, when we realize our world is a product of our thought process and accept the manifestations of our thoughts, no matter what they are.
In all things be grateful.

In Love & Light,
Spirit on the Road

"Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens
at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late.
You don't have to like it... it's just easier if you do."
- Byron Katie

Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's that time of year and for me anyway, that time of life. As the color of autumn gets deeper, so does the starkness of winter bring on the sense of dying to the old and through that incubation period or chrysalis stage to be reborn. Letting go of everything in your experience that doesn't serve you, complete dissolution of what has existed before in order that something radically new can be birthed.

How hard it is to let go, to leave the comfort of the womb, but unless we give ourselves to it completely without any thoughts as to the outcome, we surely die. If the caterpillar resists burying itself within its self made sarcophagus, it will shrivel up, whither, and die. Even as it finishes its own tomb, wraps itself in its shroud, it begins to come apart, dissolve into its own imaginal or primordial soup. These cells know what to do, and in its connection back to Source, to its Divine Essence, a reformation and rebirth takes place bringing forth one of nature's most beautiful and most fragile creatures, the butterfly.

Why then do we resist so when Spirit calls to us? Why do we fear so this natural way of it?

I allow myself to die.
I give in to Divine urge,
To be birthed anew.
I trust the Joy of knowing,
There is more to know.
More to be.
And in my Eternal Soul,
I am That, I am.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Water from your Spring

What was in the candle's light
that opened and consumed me so quickly?

Come back, my friend. The form of our love is not a created form.

Nothing can help me, but that beauty.
There was a dawn I remember
when my soul heard something from your soul.

I drank water from your spring
and felt the current take me.

 ~ Rumi
Translation by Coleman Barks

This Rumi poem recently brought up some strong feelings within me reaching
out to many areas of my life, but none so profound as my relationship with
Spirit, just as this relates to Rumi's relationship with "Shams of Tabriz."

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mosque Controversy Obscures Bigger Issue

When I received this "Press Release" from Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn of our Sister
Organization this morning, I felt compelled to put this on my blog. Not out
of a sense of duty to the organization, but out of a sense of Divine
Rightness. In a country founded of the precepts of all types of freedom, and
especially Religious Freedom, we seem to have swept some of our beliefs
under the rug, and allowed fear and righteousness creep in to take their
place. jts

From: Rev Dr Kathy Hearn, United Church of Religious Science

Golden, CO.As the media frenzy around the controversy over a proposed mosque
within blocks of Ground Zero has continued to grow, and verbal and physical
attacks against Islamic people take place, I am struck with the thought that
many Americans have forgotten some basic tenets of not only the U.S.
Constitution, but also of civility and common decency. While I appreciate
the raw feelings surrounding the site, which has rightly become sacred
ground in the nine years since the fall of the World Trade towers, it does
not make sense to me to deny rights to groups who had nothing to do with the
tragedy. September 11th was not an act of Islam. It was an act of terrorists
who distort the precepts of that religion.

As the Community Spiritual Leader for United Centers for Spiritual Living, I
have had the honor of traveling throughout the Middle East and experiencing
Islamic people firsthand. Hospitality is a profound spiritual practice that
lives at the heart of their religion. It stretches back to the patriarch
Abraham - acknowledged as the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam -
who kept his tent open on all sides to welcome any traveler.

Our organization teaches that there is a deep and essential unity underlying
our apparent differences. Underneath diversity is the shining reality that
there is only One God, One Life shared by all. Consequently, we honor all
paths to God, understanding that each religion has a golden thread of truth.
We know that, as Albert Einstein said, we cannot solve a problem with the
same consciousness that created it. Fear and hatred will never transform
fear and hatred to create a peaceful world. We need to envision a world
beyond what we now know; a world free of war, homelessness, hunger, poverty,
disenfranchisement and terror - a world of peace, freedom, justice, caring,
compassion and unity. The bigger issue, then, is not the proximity of one
piece of sacred ground to another. The issue is finding common ground to
create a peaceful, tolerant world that works for everyone.

Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn is the Community Spiritual Leader for United Centers
for Spiritual Living, a global organization that provides spiritual tools to
transform personal lives and help make the world the better place.

To find out more go to

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Only One

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the
source of all true art and all science.
~ Albert Einstein

As I know there is One Source of all things, I know that this source is
everywhere, everything, and I know It is within me creating my life by my
word. I allow this All Good to create all that moves through me, all that is
created in my experience, and all that out-pictures in others. I feel all
that is good moving in my world and I feel at peace with the thoughts I have
which create my world.

In the Oneness that is, Is allow it to be. And in my gratitude, I sing
praises to nature, from whence it all came. I am blessed. I release my Word
and know it is done already.

And so it is.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I allow myself to be alive.

When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability... To be alive is to be vulnerable. --Madeleine L'Engle

Affirmative Prayer:
In allowing Source in me to guide me, I find myself in the flow. The Universe at my back urging me on, I move forward, ever forward to that place of complete surrender. From that place all things are possible. All things are within reach, because all things are within God.

This is my truth. This is my recognition of the all good that is everywhere. I allow my challenges to show me what not to do or how to do it better, and I allow those things which came easy to guide me into even greater direction and awareness of myself, my world , and my design in it.

I just allow, and I do it in complete gratitude, thank you Spirit. Thank you God, in me.

And so it is, Amen.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

We are Good Stewards of this Earth!

My Quote:

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
~Native American Proverb

The Affirmative Prayer:

 I open to that which I am. I am an incident of the Divine. I am Whole, Complete, Perfect. I am made in the image and likeness of that source from which “I AM” birthed. In this moment I accept my charge. I accept the duty left to me. I accept the responsibility of Stewardship.

No matter what anyone else says, Now!, or at any time , there is one truth and one truth only. I Am. There is no one else to do what needs to be done. “I am the only one who can assure the continuation of life on this planet. My thought says it all. I am the one, and this is the time. I allow that in me which must align with the infinitude of my larger self to do so. I drop the excuses that I’m not qualified, I loose the ideas from my mind, the One Mind, that I have not the power, and I set my intention, I fix my focus on the vision of a safe world, a pure world, a world of great value to everyone, and a peaceful world I am proud to hand down to my children everywhere, knowing that, above all else Love has shown the way. I look to the future where greed, avarice, war and poverty are not even in the vocabulary, and I say, “Thank you, God!”

It’s done, it’s voiced, it’s put into form in my world, and I allow it to be.

And it is so.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I am, the Only Thing There Is.


“I am.” – Question that. That is where the world ends, until what’s left comes back to explore the next concept.
 ~ Byron Katie, A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are.

The Affirmation:

I am. There is only One. It is I AM. It is me. From within, so without. The difference is indistinguishable, as there is only I. Think Big, think Large, think Infinity, think One.  One thought, One Idea, of me, of the Universe, of God, of You. The difference, the no-thing. There is no separation, as there is no-thing to separate. I loose the me from the I am and observe. I see the thing I thought I was, the thought of me as thinker, the thought maker, the idea man. I see that, but am not that. I am only I am. I am no-thing. As I watch this unfold,
I see “I am” anew. I see it as All things, and One. Only One. All perfect, all whole, all complete.

Who am I? I am. No more, no less. I am not greater than or less than that which I Am.  Thankful in the knowing of this, I am.

And so it is.

Friday, May 21, 2010

I die and am reborn.


Truth is a uniquely challenging pursuit because the very thing that wants it is the only thing in the way of it.
~ Jed McKenna, Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing

Affirmative Prayer::

I Am, Source, is All there is. I am one with my source, and All there is. Ego forms the illusion I call me. I choose in this moment to release me from my illusory self, to die to the idea that everyone, including me, thought I was, and be open to the greater idea of my god-self.
I release anything and everything which identifies in my life with fear that I might step into that place spiritually, mentally physically, and knowingly, where all miracles are commonplace events and my life is forever in the flow. I choose this place of being that allows me to entertain and be entertained by life every moment of every day. This is my life. Where work is joy, and play is joyous and I see no difference between the two.
There is only one life, It is mine to choose, I choose it well, I choose it easily, and it serves me as I serve yet.
No Divide, No separation Thank you God!
And so it is!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


There is this place which seems so foreign to me, that I need to talk about. It's victim-hood. Allowing ourselves to be a victim. Why would we do that? By feeling victimized we allow something external to us determine our course, and it's usually not rational. There are no victims. Only individuals who choose to think of themselves as such.

I have a friend, who, when I first met her and we talked about my spiritual beliefs, said I've always believed this way, but never realized anyone else did. She shared with me that she had been stabbed, shot and raped, but never felt that she was a victim and moved on out of the darkness of the moment into the knowing that those actions were not her. She is a vibrant, happy, well rounded and vital member of her community. She is prosperous, happy and on the move with her career and her life.

The point is, we don't need to dwell on those things that have happened "to" us in the past, because it is over and done, and only effects us, if we allow it to. If we wish to move on with our lives, we need to move forward, and leave the past behind.

Any sense of victim-hood that we may feel comes from a sense or feeling that is already within us. In order to move ahead with our lives, we must figure out what that thing is, determine whether it really serves us, decide if we are willing to let this story of who we think we are, is where we want to be, and if and when we're willing let it go. If I let the monkey off my back, I will feel the lightness.

It's about accepting what is, and moving into a higher idea what can be!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter to me:

The longer I am on this earth, the more I understand the significance of this holiday and the ideas conveyed from the Cruci-fiction story. And No, that's not a typo. And, it's timing of taking place in the Spring is no coincidence either.

To me, it's a melding of the Christian and Earth based Spiritualities into one "story" of dying to the old, releasing and allowing the new to be rebirthed in each of us, and in the planet. In order for anything in nature to be renewed each year, it must release that which no longer serves them, whether it's winter coats, or old leaves or dead branches, in order that the new glory of Spring can express the magnificent colors of Spring and Summer.

With us, in order for us to move on with our lives in any way, we must allow the stale, old, unserving ideas of yesterday go, in order for new ideas to be birthed in us.These ideas can be ideas of unworthiness, lack, dis-ease, dis-ability, anything which keeps us from stepping out of the old and seeing ourselves and our lives in new light.

Until we are willing to allow the old ideas to fall away, until we are willing to let go of our stories, no matter how justified and real they may seem, there is no room for new good to flow into our lives. This is never easy, because ego says, "but this is who I am!"

I remember when I had trouble letting go of one of my businesses not too many years ago. I didn't have a job to go to, I hadn't been in the corporate business world for many years. I had a lot of good reasons to stay where I was and watch this crumble around me, but it wasn't serving me anymore, and I let it go and I stepped out and took a $10/hr job to tide me over. It was work I was good at, but I knew it was only temporary, and sure enough within a year, a small part-time business I had started on the Internet bore me fruit. It literally went from petty cash to full time income.

That's the way the Universe works when we get out of the way, and don't try to make it happen. In no way did I sit back in a closet and wait for Spirit to produce, I got out there and did my work, but I was open to whatever good was going to appear from whatever place it might come, and I didn't wallow in the mud of my despair. I don't believe in despair. I choose my direction and move that way, and Spirit says, "do you want this?", "or this?" I was even turned down for my $10/hr job, when I applied, and told they hired someone else. Then 3 days later they called me back and asked if I still wanted it. How cool is that?

I died to the old ideas and was born again into this new idea of who and what I could be and have.

God is out there seeking us. Are we willing to let go of our stories and step out into the dark knowing the light will come on and illumine our path? Are we willing to be resurrected or reborn into something even greater?
I'm doing it right now. How about you?

in peace,

From Walter Starcke:

"Easter is not complete without loving the one who made it possible-Judas. Forgiveness becomes possible when we transcend appearances and realize that those people who represent the Judases in our lives and those qualities within ourselves that seem to have betrayed us have been the divine process growing us into Christs. It's all Love."

I forgive!!

With the knowing that there is an infinite power back of all things, that guides, directs and influences my life and every one of our lives, I know that I am directed to do that which serves my fellow beings everywhere and always. As I forgive myself and others for all the mistakes of our pasts, I allow myself to move forward into a greater expression of myself, and I see a greater expression of everyone else also.

I am open to the Loving Presence of the Divine to express in, through, and as me, and in, through, and as everyone else. As I allow all beings express themselves in greater ways, my world grows in greater and greater ways. As there is only One force acting and One force expressing, I realize that there is only good in my world and this good is always expressing as the out-picturing as my world. It's glorious and grand, and I am in awe as it just gets better and better. I am grateful, ever grateful for this out-picturing as Peace, glorious Peace.
I always allow it to be.

and so it is.

~ jt

The Not-So-Final Word:
Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don't count on harvesting golden delicious.
-- Bill Meyer

Love, Peace & Happiness,

Reverend Jim Starke
Spirit on the Road

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Heart's Desire is...

 Wow! I've been over a month without a new treatment. Time flies when you're movin' around. It's not that I haven't been writing them or doing them, I just haven't been sharing them here. I am going to make up for that and this is number 1. What better way than to start with Heart's Desire. That thing you wish to have express in your life above all else. To be "born again" as a completely new idea of yourself!


"Here is a central tenet of the New Spirituality: the purpose-and the greatest opportunity and gift--of life is to recreate yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about Who You Are. And you can do this in every single golden moment of Now. The time of your transformation is at hand. It is always at hand."
~Neale Donald Walsch

Affirmative Prayer:

I recognize the One in everything around me. I know It is waiting for me to become in total awareness of my inner being, the I AM in me. As I open to my Source within I open to that great body of knowledge which flows through me, through each of us and I become One with It. I feel within this body, this force, that which I am above all else, above the present idea of me I see as me, above that idea of what I could or should be to what I feel called to be. 

As I align with this incredible idea of me I feel a change, a movement into that place of perfect alignment with this new idea, which flows through me now. Wow!. I am blessed. I am truly blessed in this idea of me. I know not only am I this idea, but that I am out picturing it as my life in this moment. There is no doubt, no other thing I can be in this moment but this new me. I am grateful. I am so grateful to feel this, to be this, and to do this new idea of me. My vision is percolating and brewing entirely new and complete thoughts. I know I attract this good right now. Thank you God.

and so it is!

Friday, January 29, 2010

My Secret is revealed!

The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep.
 ~Jalaluddin Rumi

Affirmative Prayer:

In the silence and the quiet of the early morning I connect to my Source. Upon awakening, as if from a dream, I dive into the delicious silence which is the Self. It is within this quiet space I connect. I really connect.

While I am always connected, I am oft-times distracted by the world and doing, but, in the pre-light of the expectant dawn, I find myself focused. From the one I, I see my truth, that of a perfect health, perfect abundance in all things, and the perfect peace of the everywhere present Creator, of which I Am all things, in which I am ever immersed, and with which I am never separate. Dear God, I am blessed! Thank you Spirit, I amid humbled. I am laid forth at the altar of my faith, knowing this creation which is my life is in its perfect place.  I knead my world into a space, which I out-picture as peaceful, loving, and prosperous to every corner of itself. Where there is need, there is fulfillment. Where there is the appearance of hate, I see the inflow of precious love, and where there is war, I see the radiant light of peace.

With my eyes fully open, and beyond all appearance to the contrary, I know this to be so. These are the secrets given to me upon the breezes at dawn, and It is so.


Monday, January 11, 2010

A Happy & Peace-filled New Year!

I seek the New each day, in the present moment of the New Me!


“There is a force within that gives you life--Seek that. In your body there lies a priceless jewel-Seek that. Oh, wandering Sufi, if you are in search of the greatest treasure, don't look outside, Look within, and seek That."
~Jalaluddin Rumi


I am that, and in that I Am. There is no sparation, only One. In this One I live, move and have my being. Our paths are one. Our sight is  One and our Purpose is One. There is only Good and this Good is in and of me. I tap this well of infinite expression and outpour the love of that which is in me to all the world. I stretch my concepts to the universe and beyond. I release the ideas of time and space, of form and limitation, and open my mind into the nothingness from wence It all came. In the quantum field of life I find myself alone, gloriously alone. One! From the singularity of the One I view the world and see the shift. All is in flux, all is in the flow of the cosmic good. The in-breath and out-breath, ebb and flow of tides, the change of seasons, evaporation and condensation, each are the yin and yang of life. It is in this balance on which we flow on our cosmic journey, the journey of the soul. My soul's journey is easy and flows easily and effortlessly. I am grateful in my source, and reticent in my thoughts for they are of the One, and therefore of the whole to each in their own time.

Thank you Spirit. With that I know it is done and released, complete in every way.
And so it is.